Pediatric Imaging

Children need specialized care, and this is certainly the case when a child needs one or more diagnostic imaging tests. Radiology Associates of Ridgewood offers a wide variety of imaging services for pediatric patients, ensuring that your child is both safe and comfortable during their examination.

Our pediatric imaging specialists are certified by the American College of Radiology and have obtained an additional qualification in pediatric imaging. This means that they have the experience and specialized knowledge necessary for performing imaging tests on children. They are trained to put your child at ease and do their best to make the process less overwhelming and stressful for them. 

Radiation safety

Radiation exposure from certain diagnostic imaging exams affects children differently than adults. For example, X-ray and CT exams use radiation, while ultrasound and MRI does not. Because radiation exposure presents a small risk to pediatric patients, the pediatric imaging specialists at RAR have taken every precaution necessary to ensure that each radiation-based exam is performed with the lowest radiation dose possible to obtain viable results. If a radiation-based exam has been recommended by your doctor, he or she feels that the information obtained from this test will be highly beneficial today and likely outweighs any potential long-term risk.

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