MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Radiology Associates of Ridgewood, N.J. offers Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Services. MRI is a technique that uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to create cross-sectional images of your head and body. Your physician can use these detailed clear images to identify and diagnose a wide range of conditions. 

MRI does not utilize any form of radiation, so no special preparation is required. You may eat normally and take your regular medication. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Because the machine creates a magnetic field, clothing with zippers, metal buttons or snaps cannot be worn. This includes underwire bras as well.  If needed, a cotton dressing gown will be available for you to use. The duration of MRI exams can be 20-45 minutes.


The type of MRI system used at Radiology Associates of Ridgewood is called “3T” MRI. Unlike the MRI machines used at most other imaging centers, this more powerful system is capable of producing more detailed images that can lead to a more accurate diagnosis for certain conditions. In addition, patient comfort is enhanced because most MRI exams can be performed in less time than it takes in more conventional MRI systems.

Because of the potentially harmful effects associated with all metallic objects in a magnetic field, you should check with your physician or MRI Technologist if you have:
  • Pacemaker
  • Ear implants
  • Surgical staples
  • Neuro-stimulator
  • Aneurysm clip(s)
  • Implanted drug infusion devices
  • Worked as a welder or grinder of metal

With some MRI examinations, such as MR angiography, an injection into a vein is required.  The MRI technologist will explain the procedure further is your exam requires this. 

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